...These Are Their Stories

If you didn't guess the theme of this podcast by the title alone, you may not be interested in this one.  ...These Are Their Stories, from now on will be referred to as TATS for short.  The title reference is from the recurring opening monologue of the TV show Law & Order, which is then followed by the iconic sound "dun dun".  Like the show, the podcast is formulaic in a comforting sort of way.  The hosts, Kevin and Rebecca, go through the plot of the episode and their particular feelings about different characters with a guest and at the end is a lovely tie in to what the episode was based on.

Seems pretty straight forward, right?  What makes this podcast great is the personal connection many people have with the show.  It's been a staple of American television for as long as I've been alive.  I remember being a small child watching Sam Waterston as a lawyer on TV and to this day, I cannot picture a cop without imagining Briscoe from the original recipe version of the show as a detective.  Problematic in so many ways, and the movie Dirty Dancing is unwatchable because of how deeply ingrained the character is in my psyche.  Not much of a loss, in my book.  This podcast is light (as far as my other podcasts go, you'll see as reviews come up what I mean) and is drive worthy and binge worthy.  

The best part of this podcast, by far, is the opening theme.  Only one other podcast rivals the songs in this one (see IDEOTV) and you'll find yourself singing it to yourself out loud and in public.  It's catchy and silly and is worth a download if only to listen to one episode for the songs.  For some reason, they should come off as corny and should be hard to listen to the second go around, but nope, every time the song lands and gets better over time.  It defies logic.

Do not be surprised if you don't recognize a lot of the guests.  The hosts seem to be in with a particular crowd, similar to that of Karen Killgariff from My Favorite Murder.  If you're not from LA or part of the TV or Movie or Comedy industry, don't feel silly for not knowing any of these people.  Overall, they're a fun addition to the show, but it does make me wonder if they've ever had a guest flop.  I think those shows would be fascinating, where the hosts have to carry the show because the guest is horribly uncomfortable.  Hasn't happened yet, and I don't think it will, but if it did, I'd love to see how the hosts handle it.  Not to wish them pain, but to see them flex their interviewing skills with friends.  

Overall, a good staple for any subscriber list in your podcast catcher of choice.  


 ...These Are Their Stories Podcast can be found at www.lawandorderpodcast.com . Check out the site, it's very well put together and you can tell that Kevin and Rebecca are pros.